There's an unconfirmed rumor going around that Drake has set his sights on Kim Kardashian now that she is divorcing Kanye. According to The UK Mirror via The Heat Magazine, a source said, "Drake could never understand what Kim saw in Kanye – he was saying for years how he wasn't the right guy for Kim and it would all end in tears."

The source continued, "He was surprised it took her so long to realize, and started messaging her the moment it became clear that the divorce was inevitable. He's ready to see her whenever she says the word, basically, and he's confident that will happen fairly soon."

The source added that Kardashian isn't focused on a new romance and is "wary" of doing anything of the sort and is focusing on her kids.


In other news, Soulja Boy has called out Drake for paying homage to Bow Wow after his recent historic Billboard chart achievement. Soulja Boy -- who previously accused Drake of stealing his "What's Hannenin" flow on his 2010 track "Miss Me," tweeted, "That ni**a drake is hilarious. Dude stole my whole bar then thanked bow wow."

Does Drake Have His Eye On Kim Kardashian?

By Music News Mar 17, 2021 | 8:00 PM
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