Drake has been accused of copying The Weeknd's style on her new single with DJ Khaled called "Greece." Drake and Khaled also released a new single called "Popstar" last week. On "Greece," the rapper/singer sings in a French accents. The lyrics are: "Come with me, leave all of your things, yeah / We can stop at Gucci, stop at Louis V, yeah / Come with me, fly you out to Greece / Full speed, survoler Paris."

Fans pointed out the similarities between Drake and Weeknd on social media. One person wrote, "Drake Sounded Like The Weekend In Greece I Couldn't Tell If It Was The Weekend Signing Or Drake." Another person tweeted, "I like Greece by Drake, but song low-key sounds like a demo. Bro can we get the official version with The Weeknd?"

Drake Accused Of Copying The Weeknd On ‘Greece’

By Music News Jul 19, 2020 | 8:00 PM
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